Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour

Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour

The Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour strives to create a competitive environment, building character and sportsmanship in its participants. Our tour includes boys and girls ages 8-19 from Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. We welcome all players from any State in the Union.

We strive to play the finest private and public facilities in our region. Targeting these courses and running top notch tournaments ensures overall growth in the game. 

Currently the tournament schedule features seven summer events followed by a Tournament of Champions for all age group winners. The season ends with the Cup Match, a Ryder Cup-style, 12-on-12 match. The top four point leaders at the end of the seven tournaments, will qualify for the teams. Ages 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 19 Boys & Girls are eligable to make the teams if they finish in the top four in the points race in their age group. This years match again will be contested at The Dunes Club in New Buffalo, Michigan. This very private club is ranked in the top 100 in the Nation.

Now at 250 plus members, the tour is expected to reach 275 - 300 players in 2019 with the support  from (Dan Whitney owner of Lifestyle Health Plans) and John Fischer Tour Director & PGA Professional, who are both strong supporter's of junior golf.

2019 Information
2 yrs ago
Cup Match - Tuesday July 23rd - 9 am - The Dunes Club - New Buffalo Michigan - Top 100 course in the USA Qualifiers for this event will be the top four point leaders in the following age groups after the...
Upcoming Events
Orchard Hills Country Club
June 11
Orchard Hills Country Club
Buchanan, MI
Orchard Hills sits on the beautiful St Joe River. This private club in Buchanan, MI is always in pristine condition.PGA Professional Chuck Pullen.
Meadow Valley Golf Club
June 19
Spring Meadow Farm Golf Course
Middlebury, IN
Meadow Valley is located in Middlebury, IN.Just 10 minutes off the toll road if you are coming from Granger or South Bend. PGA Professional TJ Mannen.
Knollwood Country Club
June 24
Knollwood Country Club - West
Granger, IN
Knollwood sits in the heart of Granger. This 36 hole facility hosts many High School and Collegiate Tournaments. PGA Professional Matt Krallman
Erskine Golf Course
July 3
Erskine Golf Course
South Bend, IN
This historic public course hosted and Arnold Palmer exhibition match in 1961. The one million dollar plus renovation of clubhouse is finished. Head Golf Professional Dave Firestone.
Latest Results
Orchard Hills C.C.
July 16
Boys 16-19
Weigand. T (+5)
Leedy. Z (+6)
Campbell. P (+6)
Boys 14-15
Cripe. J (+11)
MEYER. C (+19)
Valentine. E (+20)
Boys 12-13
Miller. B (+3)
Keil. B (+6)
Reschly. B (+9)
Boys 10-11
Kropf. C (+7)
Tabor. J (+10)
Goss. C (+15)
Girls 16-19
Tompkins. C (+19)
Girls 14-15
Wade. D (+12)
Schmeltz. M (+22)
Tucker. G (+30)
Girls 12-13
Dyer. K (+28)
Mack. S (+54)
Girls 10-11
Richmond. S (+15)
Bailey. O (+21)
Swain. K (+26)
Harbor Shore Golf Club
July 9
Boys 16-19
Leedy. Z (+13)
Thoman. B (+13)
Campbell. P (+14)
Boys 14-15
Guipe. J (+9)
Pasqualone. A (+12)
Snyder. M (+22)
Boys 12-13
Reschly. B (+12)
Webb. S (+18)
Mounts. D (+18)
Boys 10-11
Tabor. J (+7)
Guyton. T (+11)
Bailey. G (+24)
Boys 8-9
Kropf. C (+16)
Girls 16-19
ODell. B (+4)
Szklarek. G (+6)
King. C (+20)
Girls 14-15
Goss. B (+14)
Schmeltz. M (+16)
Lippert. G (+20)
Girls 12-13
Wade. D (+16)
Winters. J (+17)
Szklarek. S (+21)
Girls 10-11
Thomas. A (+19)
Swain. K (+20)
Richmond. S (+20)
Blackthorn Golf Club
July 8
Boys 16-19
Weigand. T (+1)
Campbell. P (+5)
Weber. C (+9)
Boys 14-15
Pasqualone. A (+6)
MEYER. C (+8)
Keck. M (+9)
Boys 12-13
Baker. C (+7)
Miller. B (+7)
Webb. S (+12)
Boys 10-11
Dino Jr. F (+4)
Tabor. J (+13)
Boys 8-9
Hoch. D (+4)
Kropf. C (+15)
Carlson. R (+21)
Girls 16-19
Stillson. C (+1)
Szklarek. G (+13)
Kloska. C (+16)
Girls 14-15
Goss. B (+9)
Schmeltz. M (+12)
Tucker. G (+12)
Girls 12-13
Wade. D (+3)
Dyer. K (+18)
Wagner. A (+25)
Girls 10-11
Schmeltz. S (+15)
Swain. K (+18)